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"8th Grade Science"  -  Next Generation Science Standards










Online Textbook

Earthquake Simulation Lab Link

Earthquake Simulation Activity.

Chapter 5 -  Pangaea Animation  Plate Boundaries  Sea Floor Spreading  Sea Floor Spreading 2


Plate boundaries 


Bill Nye's look at Plate Tectonics



The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang



Solar System online resources; National Geographic,  NASA Site,  Google.

Formation of the Solar System

The formation of the Solar System PowerPoint

Solar System Formation by NASA

How Was the Solar System Formed? The Nebular Hypothesis

Space Telescopes:

Hubble Space Telescope-  AWESOME IMAGES!!!!

Chandra X-Ray Telescope -

Spitzer Telescope -

Arecibo Telescope -


Tide simulator Site Click Here NOAA Tides Site

Tides Take a look at the Nova Website we used in class Click here

                                                                                                                     How the Moon Affects the Ocean Tides - Tides and the Moon -

                                                                                                                     CharlieDeanArchives / Archival Footage  


The Bay of Fundy- Crazy Tides See Below                                           


Eclipses Explained... Take a look



NASA Eclipse Website


Bill Nye the Science Guy - The MOON


Moon Phases Video

Lunar Phases Interactive Activity         Moon Phases Simulator


The Sidereal and Synodic Months


A Tour of the Moon



Evolution of the Moon


Birth of the Moon


Planetary Motion In Class activity Links;


Planetary Orbit Simulator

Kepler's 1st Law of Planetary Motion - Kepler's 2nd Law of Planetary Motion - Kepler's 3rd Law of Planetary Motion

Gravity - From Newton to Einstein      

- The Elegant Universe                                                                 The Force of Gravity EXPLAINED (This is a Great Video)


Newton's Laws of motion and Orbital Motion                             -Orbital Motion explained by Newton




Use these links for the Season Computer Worksheet







Why do we have seasons?                               The Seasons Simulator  




Sidereal and Synodic (Solar) Day Explanation   Precession of Earth


NOVA - Waves That Shook the World


Ocean Floor Features Revealed                                                National Geographic- Drain the Ocean


Running Water - Rivers, Erosion and Deposition


Artesian Wells and Groundwater


USGS Water Cycle Site  The Water Cycle Introduction Video;


Ocean Waves and Tsunami Waves


 Mechanical (Physical) VS Chemical Weathering


Our World: The Rock Cycle                                                                                    Bill Nye: Rocks and Soil


Minerals Project:

Try these sites for mineral information;

Minerals .net

Web Minerals Kids Zone


Atmospheric Layers and OZONE Activity


  1. Structure of the Atmosphere Additional Activity

  2. Making Ozone

  3. The Good, The Bad, and The Ozone

  4. Ozone Destruction

  5. Lung Attack

CO City

  A Star's Life Cycle,                                                                                 Carl Sagan's: Cosmos part 9 - The Lives of Stars.


Life Cycle of Stars Video


Volcano Eruption Video in Papua New Guinea


What is SONAR, and how does it work?


Global And Local Winds



Heat Transfer


Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram Explorer


Secrets of the sun / NOVA


How the Solar System was Formed (History Channel Presentation)


How to use a compass


Earthquake Simulation Lab Link

Rocks Internet Activity

PART 1. Start the Activity with the section on Clastic Sedimentary rock formation animation View the animation, then follow the directions on your activity sheet to answer question #1.

PART 2. Next View the Igneous Rock Formation Animation.  Answer questions 2-7 making sure to follow the directions on each step (page) of the website.  Make sure you read the text at the top of each page.

PART 3. Now view the Metamorphic Rock Formation Animation.  Follow the directions given for #8 on the activity sheet.

PART 4. Next Use the Rock Forming Animations and the directions on your activity sheet to answer questions 9-11.

PART 5. Finally view the Rock Cycle Animation and follow the directions on the activity page and website to answer question #12.

Mineral Data-Base

The Gallery of Minerals

Weather Underground Solebury, PA Site

Lightning Animationslow-motion lightning flash loop

Cloud Types Links

Hurricane Tracking From AccuWeather


Incredible Storm Surge Video from Typhoon Haiyan                 BBC Weather - How do Hurricanes Form?


Chapter 4 Rocks Introduction and PowerPoint


Climate Change Graphics from NASA

Chapter 3 computer note set activity

Satellite Tracking from NASA

Mount St. Helens Satellite Images

More LandSat imagesEven More USGS images